The public foundation Lampas ’92 provides home, care, employment and art training for nearly 200 mostly mentally handicapped young adults, and also for families in temporary need of help. Doing so for the last 30 years in 17 separate establishments, within a small, homely environment. It is important that we provide care focusing on personalized care with as much integration as possible and a wide range of possibilities.


Hand crafted flower jewellery

  • we capture the beauty of flowers in our  one of a kind re-designed jewellery
  • the jewellery is produced with decoupage technique using recycled optical and spectacle lenses, hand- burnished  by our (mentally) handicapped colleagues.
  • the chain is produced from different colours of quality  yarn by our colleagues with the help of a professional rope-maker, the fitment is made from  a nickel free anti allergenic metal
  • one of the main messages of our employment programme is environmental awareness and recycling
  • we have been providing real work opportunities for 20 years, where our craftsmen and women are producing re-designed jewellery.


ParaArt Society

This art programme came into existence, that – in the last 20 years – has given opportunities to gifted mentally handicapped people in several parts of the country to take part in art seminars and also,  to give them opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings using  the tools art offers them.

This programme focuses on nurturing talent and personal development.

The programmes artistic organizer is Hunor Pető (graphic artist)

The foundation aims to show the talent, work and life of the mentally handicapped in terms of social acceptance and public responsibility.

The art pieces created within the society’s art programme represent with which sensibility these gifted people  can show our world  and present question we have on our mind.

Next to continuing this programme the foundation has the goal to start a talent scout programme, and to set up a European Contemporary Art Center in one of its existing properties.